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The information in this state update was provided by Virginia Rivers,

Please contact her for additional information about the update.


  • The Osher Institute at Boise State University is offering a class on monarch butterflies in
    the fall of 2022 that will be taught by Hollie Leavitt from the College of Western Idaho.


  • Latah Soil and Water Conservation District (LSWCD): LSWCD provides outreach and
    education to youth and private landowners/land managers about native plants that
    support monarchs and native bees. They also facilitate habitat restoration projects on
    the Palouse Prairie, including planting showy milkweed. This project is funded by the
    U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Idaho Fish and Wildlife Office.


  • Golden Eagle Audubon Society, East Boise River Corridor Project (EBRC): In the fall of
    2021, the Boise City Council approved Open Space Levy funds for the EBRC Project — a
    collaborative project to engage the community in restoring ecological function to
    approximately 50 acres along the Boise River. This project includes planting native
    pollinator plants, such as milkweed to provide habitat for monarch butterflies and
    native bees. The project will be carried out in phases over a two-year period.


  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS): USFWS’s Idaho Fish and Wildlife Office has
    extended a contract with the U.S. Forest Service’s Coeur d’ Alene nursery to grow showy
    milkweed for seed production.


  • The Bureau of Land Management, USFWS, and other partners created the Native
    Garden Guide of Southwestern Idaho. This guide contains information on creating
    native gardens for monarchs, pollinators, and birds.

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