Who We Are

Those of you who care about the iconic monarch butterfly and our other pollinators know…
their numbers have plummeted. 


In the past two years, our precious western monarch population has drastically dropped even more- near what is coined as “quasi-extinction” numbers. 

There are many wonderful groups, advocates, researchers, horticulturists, teachers, funders, and agencies making great efforts to restore the Monarch population throughout the western United States.  We believe that we will have a greater chance of success to restore the population if these groups from all of these states and regions pull together.  If we listen, share, and learn from one another, we each will “do what we do” better.


And the Monarchs win.

Why WMA?

Fun Facts on the Monarch Butterfly provided by the Monarch Butterfly Fund:

 “Our first-ever 3-day 2020 Western Monarch Summit held near the overwintering monarch clusters in the Pacific Grove/Carmel area last January area was a great success from any measure: the caliber and variety of speakers, sold-out attendance, field trips, networking, workshops, the venue, food, etc. (see photos from the 2020 Summit below). The interest and momentum to work together across state boundaries to help our tenuous western monarch population has grown. And as the dust settled, we asked ourselves, “What’s next?”


One of our next steps was to revamp our website and convert it into an interstate information-sharing tool, for all things western monarch.  Some of the pages explain concept and provide overall news and links regarding western monarchs.  Others provide news and updates from each of our western states.  If this information somehow helps you to "do what you do" better, then we have accomplished our mission.


It's simple really.

Working together:  Different Areas...  Different Groups...


WMA BOARD sm.jpg

2020 Western Monarch Advocates board members

"Sharing is the soul of citizen science."

Mary Ellen Hannibal


To serve as an overarching entity to encourage and facilitate communication and interaction of groups and individuals committed to restoring the western monarch butterfly population-regardless of their affiliation or location- in the hope that the shared knowledge will empower each of them to improve and better achieve restoration goals within their own respective affiliation or location.



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Lucy Egertson sm.jpg

Artwork by Lucy Egertson