We are pleased to introduce our current sponsors of the Western Monarch Summit below.  Would you like to join them in facilitating this first-time event?  To find out more, please contact westernmonarchadvocates@gmail.com

The Southern Oregon Monarch Advocates (SOMA)

SOMA spearheaded the concept and fronted the seed money for the Western Monarch Summit.  SOMA also formed the new non-profit entity, Western Monarch Advocates, specifically for the 2020 Summit, and invited others to join the fledgling WMA Board to make the Summit as successful as it can be.  

Thank you SOMA!


The Deschutes Land Trust 

The Deschutes Land Trust in Central Oregon heard about the plans early on for this regional gathering and recognized the “big picture” potential for outreach and restoration for our pollinators. They contacted SOMA right away, helped raise funds to make the summit a reality, and developed a multi-year monarch conservation plan. They are demonstrating their belief that effective land stewardship goes well beyond state lines. 

Thank you Deschutes Land Trust!



The Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (WAFWA)

WAFWA released a 50-year Western Monarch Butterfly Conservation Plan in January 2019. The plan promotes a shared set of coordinated, ecosystem-based conservation strategies across all partner agencies and entities to achieve the vision of a viable western monarch population. (Click here for a PDF copy). But like any good plan, it cannot simply be placed up on a shelf; it must be acted upon!  WAFWA sees this 2020 summit as a timely “next step” in getting the word out and truly implementing practices that will help to restore our western monarchs throughout the entire migration corridor!  

Thank you Western Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies!

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