Back in the Fall of 2018, a few of us in Southern Oregon were thinking…

… of all the groups that care in one way or another about our amazing and iconic Monarch butterfly and pollinators in general: agencies hiring pollinator staff, teachers and their curriculum, local advocacy groups, researchers, funders of researchers, policy makers, land conservers, habitat restorers, individuals on their own...  And in so many states and areas. The continued existence of the Western Monarch (yes, we are champions of the “Western” Monarch in particular) depends on ALL of these groups and locations, from the overwintering groves along the California Coast, through our Western cities, deserts, agricultural areas, and timberlands… all the way up through the Western states to Canada.  ‘Wonder if we are all on the same page? Shouldn’t we be talking to one another?...

Something clicked, and that was the start of the 2020 Western Monarch Summit.  A new non-profit entity was formed called the Western Monarch Advocates (WMA) for the specific purpose of bringing about a successful summit.  Members of our fledgling board hail from many states and ecoregions. Our Mission Statement sums it up nicely.

"To serve as an overarching entity to encourage and facilitate communication and interaction of groups and individuals committed to restoring the western monarch butterfly population-regardless of their affiliation or location- in the hope that the shared knowledge will empower each of them to improve and better achieve restoration goals within their own respective affiliation or location".

What will happen at the three-day 2020 Western Monarch Summit? Come and share, laugh, learn and plan together with us.  What works, and what doesn't? The stage is set. We have a wonderful blend of top-notch speakers, places to mingle and get to know one another, updates from your neighboring states, field trips.  And, all just miles away from our precious western monarchs as they overwinter nearby! Your batteries will be recharged and you will leave even more empowered to help restore our monarch population.

It’s time.  On behalf of all of us at WMA, welcome to the Western Monarch Summit!


Robert Coffan, Chair

Western Monarch Advocates               


                     "Taking strides to foster future generations of Western Monarchs - The migration continues!"

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Taking strides to foster future generations of Western Monarchs - The migration continues!



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